Criminal Law

Our attorneys have experience of dealing with criminal cases, even with difficult ones. We have assisted persons suspected of a crime, as well as victims. In particular, the legal protection of a person suspected of or on trial for a crime requires the assistance of an attorney, both at the stage of pretrial investigation and in the trial of the case in court.
The victim of a crime, i.e. the plaintiff, often needs expert’s assistance for presenting his/her claim for damages and claim for penalty, if the latter deviates from the prosecutor’s claim. If needed, we also draw up applications for pretrial investigations on behalf of our clients. On their behalf we draw up claims for damages to courts of law and we assist our clients in criminal trials, both in district courts and in appellate courts.
In some cases a person suspected of a crime has the right to a defence attorney paid from public funds, irrespective of the suspect’s personal financial situation. In other cases the suspect or the defendant is entitled to public legal assistance, depending on the case at hand. Our lawyers investigate, on a case by case basis, the prospects of obtaining a public attorney or public legal assistance.

Persons in charge

Janne Vuorilahti
Otso Etelämäki