Dispute settlement

Our attorneys have extensive experience of dealing with various kinds of civil law litigations. We have succeeded in settling a considerable number of disputes between our clients and their counterparties by negotiation. This is often the fastest, the cheapest and the most sensible way of acting in a dispute. If no agreement can be reached, legal proceedings in court are often the only alternative. In disputes we always endeavour to obtain the most favourable outcome for our client, either by settlement or by legal proceedings.

In addition to the general courts of law, we also operate in special courts, e.g. the Market Court, the Insurance Court and in various appellate commissions.

Our attorneys regularly act as representatives in arbitration proceedings. They have experience and special know-how also as arbitrators.

In addition to court and arbitration proceedings, we assist our client in mediation. Some of our attorneys are mediators approved by the Finnish Bar Association.

Persons in charge

Janne Vuorilahti
Tapio Pihlaja
Teija Saraste