Real estate law, housing and building

More and more problems occur in the legal areas of real estate and building. People are now better aware of the risks involved.

In real property business there is increased emphasis on the seller’s liability for the information that he/she has provided and that is relevant for the sale, and in particular on liability for the correctness of that information. Furthermore, various subcontractor arrangements are more and more numerous in the building branch. The distribution of building contracts between an increasing number of subcontractors has resulted in more and more complex relations between the customer and the contractor. Appropriate and adequate building contracts are ever more important to ensure the legal protection of the contracting parties.

We assist our clients in all legal matters concerning building, housing, real estate and land use. In the capacity of our clients’ assistants we participate in their negotiations concerning building and land use matters. Furthermore, we assist them in drawing up contracts and other documents in the areas of building and land use.

Our attorneys also assist our clients in litigations concerning building, land use, housing and real estate business.

Persons in charge
Jarkko Lehtokannas
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