Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju

partner, attorney-at-law, master of laws with court training

050 5993 503

President of the Finnish Bar Association

Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju’s areas of special expertise are family and inheritance law, mediation and legal proceedings. She has extensive expertise of estate administration and -distribution. She has passed the mediators examination of the Finnish Bar Association and she is a mediator entered in the Association’s register of mediators. Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju is also an experienced lecturer and teacher.

Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju presently holds, and she has previously held several positions of trust in the Finnish Bar Association. At the moment she is president of the Association.

Special expertise: Family law, inheritance law, legal proceedings and mediation.


Approved board member education 2007, Kajaani branch of the Oulu Chamber of Commerce and Kainuun Etu Oy.
Professional development examination in business administration 2003, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.
Attorney-at-law 2000
Trained at the bench 1997, Kajaani district court.
Master of law 1995, University of Helsinki

Working experience:
Tempo Attorneys Ltd, attorney-at-law 2013 -, partner 2014-
Botnia Atttorneys Ltd, attorney-at-law and partner 2009 – 2013
Räihä Attorneys, attorney-at-law and entrepreneur 2002 – 2009
Pekka Räihä Attorneys, assistant lawyer 1997 – 2000, attorney-at-law 2000 – 2001
Kajaani district court, clerc 1996

Positions of trust:
– Finnish Bar Association, numerous positions of trust, inter alia president of the Association 2020 vice president 2016 – 2020, president of the board of the Häme branch of the Association 2015 – 2017, member of the board of the Finnish Bar Association 2010 -2013, president of the board of the Oulu branch of the Association 2004 – 2008.
– numerous other positions of trust, e.g. the Kainuu Entrepreneurs, the Kajaani Entrepreneurs, the Kajaani Female Entrepreneurs, the Kainuu branch of the Association of Finnish Lawyers, the Kainuu fund of the the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Kainuu University Association during the years 1996 – 2009.

Finnish, English, Swedish